Is Sam Ronson Supposed to Do Lesbian Benefits Just Because She Is One?

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Samantha Ronson refused to D.J. at the Village lesbian bar Rubyfruit for a benefit to keep the place open, Rubyfruit folks say, but Ronson's rep says whoa, lesbos, hold your hummus, the LiLo lover was never even asked! David Spade blew off Eric Trump's golf-tourney benefit in New Jersey because he thought it was in L.A. David Blaine, hanging upside-down over Wollman Rink this week, allegedly had a hissy fit at 230 Fifth last week when they wouldn't comp him bottle service. Mayor Bloomberg will be made an honorary citizen of Tbilisi, Georgia, tomorrow night while Cindy McCain, Julianne Moore and Uma Thurman look on choked with pride.

Brooke Shields implied that too much tequila made Kim Raver think she was on the subway when she was really in an elevator. The cousin of late Studio 54 owner Steve Rubell is opening a club called Ella on Houston and Avenue A done up in a Joan Crawford theme. (So. Gay.) Joan Collins, city commissioner Amanda Burden, and other sexy dames looked good at a party and made Liz Smith go all ga-ga.

Obama's economic guy, Jason Furman, "forgot" to attend a really important panel discussion in D.C., so McCain's guy got laughs by switching to Furman's seat and offering rebuttals. (Ha-ha-ha, we weren't even there and we think that's cute.) The girlfriend/employee of Capote director Bennett Miller sent out a weird mass e-mail telling people they were dating and hence she needed a new job. Sharon Bush, Dubya's former sister-in-law, is writing a Bush dynasty tell-all. Sally Quinn says that Christopher Hitchens thought the Washington Post's horoscope column was bullshit until it told him that some chick out there was into him. Heidi Klum was accidentally dropped onstage by Emmys co-host Tom Bergeron and got a bruise on her leg.

Robert Wagner writes that, when he was 22, he had a secret affair with then-45-year-old proto-cougar Barbara Stanwyck. Debra Messing went hog-wild in the Emmy free-gift lounges. George and Laura Bush will move to a big house in superrich Dallas suburb Preston Hollow when they leave the White House, Cindy Adams hears. Judge Judy will marry Michael Feinstein and his longtime partner in L.A. next month. Former porn queen Jenna Jameson is expecting twins. Kanye West is supposedly working on a black Muppets show. This is what he calls the Muppet Show, yo.

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