Is Jesus Luz's Ego Bigger Than His Muscles?

Madonna's Jesus Luz works in mysterious ways. And those ways are starting to rile people up. At the Dolce & Gabbana campaign shoot, fellow model David Gandy was a bit perturbed when he spotted Madonna's boy toy working out between takes. "I don't care whose boyfriend he is," Gandy told "Why is he working out in the corner with a personal trainer while we're all in hair and make-up? He must have worked out for like two hours on and off between shooting." Perhaps he doesn't need hair and makeup. Did you see his face? His pecs? And earlier this week Jesus walked out of an interview with an Argentinian show after the interviewer asked if he was single. That's not exactly humble. Of course, we can't really blame the guy for wanting to keep his body rock-solid and his private life private, but a tidbit or two about his love life wouldn't hurt.

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