Q+A: Sady Doyle, Tiger Beatdown

The creator of Tiger Beatdown and writer at Rookie Mag and In These Times Magazine says her favorite meme is still Hipster Cop.

Sady Doyle says she started Tiger Beatdown, a site that covers  feminism and pop culture, "because she was bored." Since its inception in 2008 she's also had pieces published on various sites, including The Awl, The American Prospect and Slate. She's speaking at The Rise of the Anti-Lady Mag panel  with Jessica Coen of Jezebel, Irin Carmon of Slate, Amy Odell of BuzzFeed and Jenna Wortham of The New York Times on Monday, May 14. Doyle answered our 7 Important Internet questions, where she admits that if the internet didn't exist she'd be handing out essays in coffee shops.

What apps can't you live without?
Is it boring to say "Twitter?" I'm still going to say "Twitter." I need the world to know about my grilled cheese sandwiches. I also finally got Instagram, which I thought would be super-fun, until I realized that I don't actually know how to take photos. 
Who are your must-follows on Twitter?
Well, obviously, the folks I work for, @inthesetimesmag and @RookieMag. And all of my friends. And all of my co-bloggers. I'm really glad that Twitter just lets me follow everybody on the planet. (Which sounds super-creepy! But I'm bad at following people on other social-media platforms, because I want to give each person my undivided attention, and I start to get lost if there are too many of them. On Twitter, the updates are tiny, so you feel like no-one is getting lost or skimmed.) But I recently found out that Michelle Tea, who's one of my favorite writers, is on Twitter. That was amazing. And I really enjoy @scaTX for reproductive-justice news and updates. It's so fun when you just follow somebody on Twitter because they seem nice or make you laugh, and then a few months later everybody else is following them, too, and they're doing these amazing things. You get to feel like you've discovered talent. In the laziest way possible, but still! 
What's your most-watched YouTube video?
I don't repeat-watch YouTube videos, which I know makes me a weird Internet citizen. But I do look up songs when I don't have them on my computer. I looked up Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It" for something I was writing, and then just ended up watching it over and over. Also, this bizarre Fiona Apple video for her worst song, "The First Taste," which was apparently never played in America. It's so great. 
What’s your favorite meme?
I enjoyed the early days of Privilege Denying Dude. Apparently the first stock-photo model they used was really upset at having this photo of himself preserved eternally next to all of these horrible racist, sexist, etcetera-ist sentiments, so that had to be changed. But he looked so great being condescending! Also, I got really into Hipster Cop, like everybody. "I'm gonna have to read you... my favorite passage from Infinite Jest" still makes me laugh. 
Where's your favorite place for free wi-fi in New York?  
Wherever I'm currently located. 
What would you be doing if the internet didn’t exist?
You know those people who come up to you at coffee shops or outside of bars and want to show you their poetry or their weird conspiracy-theory newsletters? That, but with essays about feminism. 
What will the internet be like in 10 years?
Implanted directly inside our brains. Or we'll all get exhausted and take up gardening. 
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