Inside the Proenza Schouler Sample Sale: Bandage Dresses & Lace-Up Booties

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Proenza Schouler's studio sale -- which kicked off bright and early this morning in Soho -- is an old-school sample sale, featuring limited quantities of spectacular goods, from $255 shoes to $400 bandage dresses (not many, but they're there folks, in sizes like 6/8). Not only are there no lines and no waiting, you'll be treated to a perfectly serene shopping experience with the chance at some truly unique finds. One Racked tipster wrote in disappointed (and to be fair, there's not a lot of Fall 2009 stuff), but frankly, we found the real, good old fashioned sample sale-ness of the sale refreshing (as opposed to the massive, no-holds-barred overstock sales we're used to seeing).

In addition to a rack or two of truly breathtaking runway dresses -- from beaded black cocktail dress for $800 to a colorful burn-out velvet piece for $1450 -- there are more than a few knit tops for just $110 and trousers that start around $100. The real prizes are a smattering of towering platforms (in sizes like the perfectly reasonable 37) for $212-$255, from lace-up booties to bow-topped strappy heels. There are also some great-looking belts for $80-$110, and a rack of sample pieces -- true samples, some flawed, some irregularly designed -- starting at just $75.

Proenza Schouler Sample Sale
495 Broadway
Thursday - Sunday, 8:30AM-6:30PM

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