Inside the Decadestwo Pop-Up Sale

We got a sneak preview of the spectacular goods inside the L.A.-based vintage shop's incredible sale. Bottom line: Don't expect to score anything on the ultra-cheap (most of these pieces started out at $10K, after all), but do expect to see some of the most dazzling designer goods ever accumulated in one sale.

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Telenoticias Puerto Rico
The sale features an amazing assortment of pieces from the L.A.-based shop and runs all weekend in Soho -- details on the sale in our review. The piece de resistance: A table filled with Chanel bags at the back of the room.
Upon arrival, shoppers are greeted by the same Lanvin dress Sandra Bullock wore to the premiere of "All About Steve," and rows of Christian Louboutin heels behind it.
The Thread
The intricate stitching on a spring/summer Oscar de la Renta dress.
Telenoticias Puerto Rico
One of the most stunning Lanvin dresses at the sale -- up close this has the most amazing texture ... and is still, alas, about $1400. All in all, there's more Lanvin than you could shake a stick at -- especially in the cocktail dresses department.
Getty Images
Two eye-catching YSL leopard-print bags -- the downtown shopper is marked down to $850.
Pool Photo via AP
An absolutely stunning bright gold Prada tank dress.
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