Insanely Awesome Promo Suggests Lost Takes a Turn

Lost producers have been quietly teasing the show's fifth season with promos that are either glorified recaps or seemingly mundane clips. That is, until now.

With a little more than a month before the show is set to relaunch, ABC just released a brand-new promo that features tons of tantalizing new footage that will surely get Losties worked up into a tizzy. A monk scribbling formulas on a blackboard! A man plummeting off a balcony! Some dude completely engulfed in flames!

But best of all, the clip features someone who sounds suspiciously like Locke -- wait for it -- talking backward! Did turning that frozen donkey wheel make the island merge with the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks? We can't wait to find out! Full clip after the jump.

The good people at have already gone to the lengths of reversing the audio. Some seem to think Locke is saying "Am I? When?" but we think he might be saying "Ham on rye."

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