In The Window: Marc's Got a Crush on Obama

If you thought for a minute that Marc Jacobs would be neutral in the political arena just because he's got a gigantic peace sign in his Bleecker Street window, then think again. Parked right next to the peace sign are three mannequins, each sporting a plain trucker cap and a clear message.

There's the unique "Biden," the classic "Make Love Not War" and the ever-popular "Obama," which sits a little sideways (what does that mean?). This is coming from the same man who sells a T-shirt with a rainbow overlain with the confederate flag

Alas, the Obama hats are not for sale at MJ, but imagine if they were. We're thinking Marc's Louis Vuitton/ Spongebob case done up with Shepard Fairey's HOPE image; talk about a collaboration.
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