In the Mags: Your Latest Homage to the Pig

An homage to the pig is nothing new, yet somehow it never gets old in the world of magazines. In this month's Men's Health (on newsstands but not yet online), they run a pretty interesting piece on how to buy and cook an entire pig. Again, it's not a novel concept, but they gather an impressive roster of chefs to deal with each pig part:

Wylie Dufresne gets the loin ("It wouldn't be our first choice, but we'll make it work), Akhtar Nawab has the chops, Pete Daversa (Hill Country), the shoulder, Michael Psilakis, the organs, Seamus Mullen, the belly, Lidia Bastianich, the shanks and trotters, and Michael Anthony gets the whole head. Anthony actually serves this headcheese as the first amuse at Gramercy Tavern: "I ask Anthony how he has the nerve to serve headcheese to his guests: 'We don't tell them what it is unless they ask.'"

Surrounding the piece is a full "Eat Like a Man" guide with cameos by Bourdain, Conant, Colicchio, and (of course!), Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr. We'll put a link up when it goes online in the next week or so.

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