In Stores Now: the Snuggle Suit

Yes, you read that right.  As if the Snuggie fever wasn't enough, JCPenney is now carrying the Snuggle Suit, a neck-to-toe ultra-soft romper in colors that range from chic black to technicolor pink.

It seems the slanket that swept 2009 has attracted enough fans (and moved enough merchandise) to have earned itself a blanket/bathrobe cousin (thanks, StyleList, for finding this).  Full disclosure: We initially started writing this post in jest -- a Snuggle Suit?! LMAO! -- but now we, too, are finding ourselves drawn into the tempting cozy comfort of the equivalent of a full-body bathrobe. Maybe it's our cold apartments, or maybe it's the fact that the Snuggle Suit is currently marked down to $24.99 (from $60) on the Penney's website. We'll admit, it lacks the ease and functionality of a blanket with arms (you do have to step into this one), but then, it's unlikely you'd leave the house after putting it on.

Maybe, like some of us here at the Thread, you didn't get the Snuggie you so desperately wanted (and rightfully earned) this holiday.  Here's your chance to go one better: after all, the Snuggie is so last year.

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