‘Imagine Being Called Kobe Club at a Time Like This'

Kobe Club has fallen on its own cleaver, samurai style. Jeffrey Chodorow's opulent tribute to the pricey Japanese beef is no more. And you can't help but notice the gleeful tone in Eater's reportage of the news, going so far as to revive its deathwatch list (if just for this special occasion) and, of course, starting the story with Chodorow's adament declaration that "Kobe Club is not closing, ever...Not only is Kobe Club not closing, but we're opening more of them, first in Miami." Just to twist the santoku further, a China Grill rep confirms the news and helpfully explains "Imagine being called Kobe Club at a time like this," (see, becasue Kobe sounds expensive) leaving us with a pang of existential longing.

Other than keeping the overpriced steak and swanky hot dog purveyor open, the only thing that could have been a bigger slap in the face to the jobless and underemployed victims of the recession currently walking the city's street, would have been continuing the Kobe Beach Club foolishness in the Hamptons (right next to a nightclub that stated its door policy was "Pussy and wales"). Well, that is not happening either, with Philippe Chow heading east for the summer and taking the space.

Looks like we need McDonald's Angus burger now more than ever. Maybe the Chod can team up with them for a McKobe if things get any worse for him.

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