Ikea: Metropolis Mag, the national magazine of…

Metropolis Mag, the national magazine of "contemporary life through design," finally arrives at the Red Hook Ikea party. To anyone still saturated with Ikea coverage from this spring and fall, the article's take won't feel wildly new, but it's a nice overview. Our favorite bit, about how Ikea hasn't gotten its grubby little hands—well, actually they'd probably be impeccably clean and well-manicured, but never mind—on the new waterfront park: "What happens in the box stays in the box. Nowhere in that generous public amenity is one ever confronted with the reality of the action inside, the fevered consumption of lamp shades and lingonberries that is taking place next door." Fevered, people. [Metropolis]For more stories from Racked, go to racked.com.

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