Iggy Pop Performed on “American Idol”

Yup, you are reading this correctly. That isn’t a misprint. There will be no retraction. Ladies and gentlemen, the Mayan Calendar must be correct. The end is near.

Iggy Pop
played “Real Wild Child” on last night’s episode of American Idol.

Watch the clip below and try not to puke in your mouth:

Personally, I can get past the whole idea of credibility. Iggy Pop doesn’t have a single thing to prove to any of us. He’s done it all and seen it all. He is a forefather to everything holy to me. He helped spawn and define punk rock. He was elemental in defining glam rock. He amassed such an epic career that most of us would be proud if we achieved 1 percent of his accomplishments.

Iggy is untouchable.

But does this pedigree get him off the hook? We’ve learned over the twilight years of Iggy’s career that he isn’t afraid of cashing checks and maybe that is what drew him to perform one longtime television hit, but does that forgive the action? The whole thing leaves us wondering why he'd contribute to this dribble. You are the king of cool and you should at least try to act like it. 

We can get over Steven Tyler being a judge. In some twisted reality, that makes sense. But watching Iggy Pop wiggle around the Idol stage with a bunch of hired guns that look fresh out of the tool shed just leaves my head bloodied from all the scratching.

If this is required work for a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, then I’m almost glad Hendrix kicked the bucket long before his time. 

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