If It Quacks Like a Duck, It’s Bacon?

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You might know that Clover Club in Cobble Hill is a prime spot to sip some classic cocktails, but what about old school treats of a different sort? Namely big, juicy, greasy slabs of bacon. Mouth-watering hunks of bacon on some toast tips, drizzled with greasy goodness and washed down with a Death in the Afternoon—that's somefolks idea of heaven.

Clover Club on Smith Street, Flat Iron Lounge's Julie Reiner's foray into Brooklyn, offers a bacon tasting flight as part of its Sunday brunch, that is just right to satiate a hangover, even as you cultivate a brand new one. Sure you have your standards like maple bacon and pepper bacon, both thick and satisfying, but then you get into the fat of the matter. Literally. You can argue over whether duck bacon is bacon, but either way, you win, because it's that good. And it's got nothing to do with its poor anemic cousin turkey bacon. If anything, duck bacon is the anti-turkey bacon. It's perfect for people who think pork bacon is too healthy. Sort of like what a High Ball is to a Mimosa.

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