Human Vending Machine Dispenses Fashion in Times Square

A giant human vending machine doled out free fashion to the public at Times Square on Wednesday.

The massive giveaway at the crossroads of the world launched the innovative HEATTECH fabric from UNIQLO, a top Japanese designer of casual wear. 

A team of UNIQLO "Heat-Techies" in silver bodysuits was on hand at Military Island in Times Square to test New Yorkers with thermograph scanners that reveal the coldest parts of the body. 

Once scanned, people approached a giant human vending machine and pushed buttons for men or women. 

Robotic dancers inside the machine executed routines and packages of free HEATTECH were dispensed. UNIQLO gave away 4,000 HEATTECH items.
The retailer’s flagship New York store opened in SOHO in 2006.

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