Housing Works Upgrades to Even Bigger Tribeca Space

Not even six months into their TriBeCa lease at 72 Warren, Housing Works, the upscale charity chain, is moving to an even bigger and better space in the  neighborhood (a neighborhood which, once upon a time, was jaw-droppingly expensive). 

There is apparently such a demand for gently used, donated goods that they are being forced right on out of their current location and into a space four times larger.  It's no real surprise that Housing Works is thriving in this economy -- not only are we bargain-hunting, but that extra charitable thumbs-up with purchase certainly keeps us feeling vindicated in our indulgences.

We can't help but feel exultant about the news that this particular organization -- committed to ending both AIDS and homelessness -- is doing well enough to upgrade its (already quite nice) digs. Some already posh donations at this location apparently came from Chloe Sevigny and Susan Sarandon. We like to think that, were we to have access to the wares in Sevigny's closet, we just might be able to consider a new place, too!

Already on the lineup of upcoming events is an "Editor's Choice" night with Michael Carl, fashion editor of Allure magazine. On August 25th he'll be recommending bikinis and summer wear, just in time for, um, labor day weekend (?). 
This economy is supporting some pretty wanton tenancy, but we're betting this retailer will call this location home for some time. 

Housing Works Tribeca
opens tomorrow at 119 Chambers St. (between West Broadway and Church)
Hours: Mon- Sat 10AM - 7PM, Sun 12PM - 5PM

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