Hot Ticket: Silent Bob Speaks: An Evening With Kevin Smith

Spend an evening with the grandaddy of slacker comedy as he digs deep at Carnegie Hall on June 17

The Event: For a guy who near-singlehandedly introduced the word "slacker" to the pop-culture lexicon, Kevin Smith has sure been busy. Since breaking big (and setting the tone for a new generation of low-budget film) with Clerks, he's made a slew of movies, from Mallrats to Zack And Miri Make A Porno to the upcoming A Couple of Dicks with Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis. But he's also cornered a special niche of the publishing market, with comic books (sorry, graphic novels) and other bound musings like My Boring-Ass Life: The Uncomfortably Candid Diary of Kevin Smith, and the night's namesake, Silent Bob Speaks (a reference to the mute alter ego he's played in his films). He'll discuss his life's work and take your questions.

What We're Looking Forward To: If you'd told us back in 1994 that one day, this scraggly guy who charged $27,000 to his credit cards so he could film a bunch of convenience-store clerks rambling on about nothing would be holding forth at Carnegie Hall, we'd have laughed in your face. (Hell, Smith himself probably would have done the same thing.) But there's no doubt the man has a sense of zeitgeist -- the current vogue of underachiever comedy is traceable straight to him (you're welcome, Judd Apatow). And the so-called slackers Smith's oeuvre spoke to are all grown up now. The combination should make for an interesting night.

Where and When: Carnegie Hall Stern Auditorium; Wednesday, June 17, 8PM.

Cost: $39-125

More Info and Tickets: Head to the Carnegie Hall website.

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