NiteTalk: Hot Chip’s Felix Martin and the “Joy of Repetition”


If you've gone dancing into the wee hours of the morning any time in the last three years, chances are you've heard of Hot Chip. And although, this London-based 5-piece is best known for cranking out beats you can pass last call with, their fourth release, One Night Stand, is what the blogs are calling a more stripped back album. But beat boy Felix Martin assures us there has always been a softer side to Hot Chip.

When you're in New York where do you like to go for a night on the town? We often head over to Marlow & Sons in Williamsburg since we have been frequenting the place since our very first trip to New York together many years ago, and they supply a comforting range of home-from-home English products along with killer food and booze.

What would you say has been your best nightlife experience in NYC? Any notable encounters? A particularly notable encounter was the time when we performed live on stage with Chaka Khan a couple of years back. Although we didn't have a chance to rehearse with her or even meet her before appearing on stage together in front of several thousand people, she really took us under her wing after the show and showed incredible friendliness and a sense of fun.

How does it feel to know that tracks like 2006's "Over and Over" are still fueling the dance scene here in the city? It's nice to have a couple of songs with real longevity in clubs all over the world -- tracks that are very familiar from the very opening bar that get people excited. In England, we would call this "having legs." I find it funny that a track ("Over and Over"), which is partly about a joy in repetition has become the most of played and requested Hot Chip song, and that it's still in heavy rotation years after it was released!

Does the nightlife scene differ here from the UK? How? I don't have enough knowledge of the scene in either place to make an informed comment really! We are lucky since a lot of our shows are frequented by big-hearted folk who know how to party, so I feel like we get to see the "good" side of nightlife wherever we go.

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