Hometrosexual Ariel Foxman Made Editor of ‘In Style'

You know what we also resent about him? That alabaster skin. And that full head of hair! And those eyes, oh God, those limpid, slightly sad pools of sensitivity. Yeah, we hate those.
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A few weeks ago we expressed our envy and rage toward Ariel Foxman, the then-editor-at-large of In Style magazine, who was unfairly given a cameo on Gossip Girl in place of other, more deservingly obsessed journalists. And then today our reverse Schadenfreude only deepened. Gawker reports that lil' Foxy has just been promoted to managing editor of the entire magazine. His predecessor, Charla Lawhorn, is now editorial director for the In Style Group, whatever that is.

Foxman is perhaps best known for fleeing In Style in 2003 to oversee the launch of the much-hyped watch catalogue Cargo (the men's version of Condé Nast's fashion and shopping title Lucky), which lasted a glorious two years before the company pulled the plug on it and Foxy fled back to Time Inc. Some have said that Cargo was shuttered to make way for Anna Wintour's baby, Men's Vogue, but the two titles were so different it's hard to believe that's the case. Cargo (despite Foxman's protestations) was a metrosexual service bible. Mogue shies away from any gay sensibility — instead it's a thinky essay collection aimed at all of those sturdy straight men who like to hunt and also wear Jil Sander suits.

Foxman is also well known for being a publishing dreamboat. But we digress! There's a real, very important question raised by this news: If we get a role on Gossip Girl, will they make us the editors of New York Magazine?

New In Style Editor: Ariel Foxman [Gawker]
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