H&M Offers Skirts for Men This Spring

H&M recently unveiled its Spring 2010 lookbooks for men and women, and the men's line is certainly stepping up its game. Along with blazers, the affordable chain will be offering harem pants, prints, and yes, skirts.

Frankly, when Marc Jacobs started wearing long navy kilts, we were impressed and thought it was pretty chic in a return-to-grunge, '90s kind of way. But by no means did we expect the populace excluding daredevil stylemakers like Jacobs would attempt the look. Apaprently, H&M is betting against us, as they'll be offering copycat of Jacobs' look, along with the aforementioned harem pants (again, we're skeptical) and some tie dye-inspired prints.

H&M is certainly on a roll on the heels of its Jimmy Choo collaboration, so maybe the brand feels it can do no wrong, but we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for the skirts here in New York to see if this trend really (ahem) has legs.

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