Hipster Housing: $1,100 in Prime Burg, Must Dig Bunks

We're not entirely sure how long the Loftstel on N. 6 in the Burg has been around but what we can say is that it'll set one back $1,100 a month with a student ID ($950/month for stays of more than a month) and $1,300 without one. It's up on Craigslist as "$950 Furnished Loft with Amazing Rooftop Patio for Int'l Students." The Burg location is on N. 6 Street right next to SEA, and other spots, which should provide for endless entertainment. There's WiFi, free long distance calling, wii, free parking, free towels and linens and, uh, free sleeping masks, which is an amenity that one doesn't encounter very much. There's also one on Greene Avenue in Bed-Stuy with prices starting at $850. This is not to be confused with the Hipster King Hostel in East Williamsburg. The bad news is that there are only a couple of bunks left for guys from Oct-Nov, but there's a bit more space for females.
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