High Schoolers Wield Glue Guns In the Name of Fashion


Parsons and FIT fashion grads are hard up for gigs, but that doesn't stop high school students at Fieldston, an elite ivy feeder in Riverdale, from staging their own "Project Runway."

Tuesday's 7th Annual Fieldston Fashion Show, attended by more than 1,000 teachers, kids, parents, grandparents, and probably more than a few family friends, featured 82 students in over-the-top creations fashioned from everyday objects, reports the New York Times.

The students, many of whom cut classes to finish their projects, spend months agonizing over the designs. Some are pretty spectacular; others plain silly (think orphaned socks).

Anna Baryshnikov, daughter of the Baryshnikov, pranced down the runway in a suit made of visitor maps and buttons from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There was also a wedding dress made of 1,700 condoms, high waisted shorts made from postage stamps, a bustier pouf dress made from newspaper, and a rockin' floor-length pink ball skirt made out of insulation.

As typical in progressive schools, everyone was a winner.  “I don’t believe in giving grades for the arts, so I give them all A’s,” said Nancy Fried, the teacher who organizes the extravaganza.

The skirt is made from attic insulation; the bodice from washers.

Shorts made out of stamps and a bow-tie macaroni mini.

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