High Fashion Designers Take on Doc Martens

Well, it's official. The '90s are back.

In addition to the resurgence of plaid, slouchy jeans, sheer, neon, and other grunge-and-punk trends some of us thought we'd left behind, Dr. (a.k.a. "Doc") Martens—the irresistibly badass, combat-inspired lace-up boots—have been enjoying a kind of renaissance. In fairness, this is one trend we can get behind—though who knew we'd be wishing we hadn't given away our pair to the Salvation Army back in 1997. They'd be so perfectly worn! So authentic! Sigh. Maybe it's time to start breaking in a new pair.

But we digress. To celebrate the brand's born-again glory, Nylon reports that Dr. Martens asked an incredible roster of designers to get their take on the iconic boot, including Jimmy Choo, Preen, Sean Jean, Heatherette, and the legendary Vivienne Westwood. You can check out all 69 designs on Dr. Martens' newly-launched 1460 website, and if you feel like coughing up the cash, you can even purchase one of the designer originals. While we're currently planning to decorate the heck out of our new pairs with a big fat marker, we'd probably settle for Vivienne Westwood's version (pictured here) if we could afford it. Of the cool fish-net look, Westwood says, "The tights are used purely for that element of glamour and we have blessed them with a kiss!" See the kiss on the boot? Amazing!

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