Hermès Sale Update: A commenter hit up the sale…

A commenter hit up the sale today at lunch. Her report: "I went today around noon, waited 45 minutes to get in. You MUST check your purse & coat (for free.) There is a fairly good selection of scarves ($225 marked down from $350-$375) A large assortment of ties ($102 marked down from $170) but very little jewelry (very bizarre leather cuffs for $98) and only a few men's belts ($400+) The clothes ranged in sizes and prices, but I didn't see anything below $400. They had a selection of shoes, a lot of which looked old/dated (as in Florida retirement home beige or orthopedic shoes starting at $300) and boots ranging from $360 to $1200. They had a lot of canvas purses (orange and red, maybe a few green as well?) but the smalles/cheapest one was $750+. There were no towels and very few throws left (maybe 2 or 3.) An assortment of floppy/bucket hats around $300 as well. I don't think this was really an amazing sale, but I'm glad I checked it out. FYI the line for making purchases was HUGE, so I wouldn't recommend trying to cram this into your lunch hour!" Duly noted. [Racked Comments]For more stories from Racked, go to racked.com.

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