Heidi Klum Gets Shut Down by Van Cleef & Arpels

Heidi Klum's ever-expanding empire suffered a roadbump with the shuttering of her jewelry line, the Heidi Klum Collection, after being sued by Van Cleef & Arpels. The venerable jewelry maker raised flags over the apparent similarities between Klum's clover with their own trademark shapes.  Rather than get mired down, apparently, Klum decided to abandon the endeavor.

However, in what seems to also be uncharacteristic fashion for the perennially sunny supermodel, Klum slung a little mud, blaming her business partner, designer Pascal Mouawad, for a lack of knowledge that led to the breakdown of the brand.   On the other side of the squabble, Mouawad diplomatically defended the duo's designs and cited a simple change in direction of Klum's priorities as a cause.  

Although it must have been a bummer for Heidi, it was almost refreshing to be spared the inevitable drama that may have ensued over a lawsuit.  Considering her level of mega-success in near-total world domination, we're not worried.   

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