Hear New Woods

Erina Digby

Woods, Brooklyn's warm fuzzy favorites (but not really warm and fuzzy) gave us the excellent new Sun and Shade long-player a couple weeks ago. And Friday (is it too many blog years late to post this?) the quartet unleashed the below track, "Find The Empty," A-side to companion 7" to Sun and Shade coming out on Sacred Bones physically and through the band's own Woodsist label digitally.

I personally can't get enough of this band and "Find Them Empty" has them in their little psychedelic bubble doing what they do best, coming right out of the gate with a squealing lead balanced by a cool organ.

That guitar builds on itself later on the track to some real out sounds. I think they've cultivated a layering technique that sounds distinctly "Woods," similar to Sic Alps; and though this track didn't make it to the full-length, it's one of the more propelling songs they've released, a little more urgent and tension-filled than what we've come to expect.

The B-side and the physical release won't be out 'til July 19.

"Find Them Empty" by Woods

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