Healthy Vending Machines to Arrive in NYC

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For those who can't seem to break the vending machine habit or have become reliant on them, there may soon be an alternative: the Fresh Healthy Vending machine.

Well + Good NYC reports that Fresh Healthy Vending, a San Diego-based vending machine company offering healthier snack alternatives, is poised to arrive in New York City, having already set up a handful of confirmed franchisees.

Currently, Fresh Healthy Vending has 600 machines out in schools, health clubs, yoga studios and corporate offices in 37 states across the country, says Well + Good NYC.

Products like yogurts, all-natural baked chips, smoothies, fresh juices, granola bars and fresh fruit, are stocked in referigerated compartments, and monitoring devices allow the machines' caretakers to track expiration dates from their computers.

The New Yorkers interested so far in buying the franchises are "socially responsible entrepreneurs who want to do something good for their communities," according to Fresh Healthy Vending CEO Jolly Backer

Those entrepreneurs then market the machines to neighborhood gyms or yoga-studio owners. Fresh Healthy Vending confirmed the franchisees are setting up in New York City, and are exepcted to be up and running in the next two months.

Would you buy from a healthy vending machine in your office or gym? What kind of food and drinks would your dream healthy vending machine contain?

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