Health Headlines: Teens Wait Longer to Have Sex


Teenagers are delaying sexual activity -- and that oral sex isn't as popular a substitute for intercourse among teens, after all. [NPR Shots]

Hospitals and doctors in New York City should be keeping better track of women who die in childbirth so that they can find ways to bring the number of deaths down, a panel says. [NY Daily News]

A 50-year-old with diabetes dies six years sooner than a 50-year-old without diabetes, and not just from heart attack or stroke, a new study suggests; cancer, infections and disease, and falls are becoming more common causes of death for diabetics. [USA Today]

There's a better way to calculate body fat than computing your body mass index (BMI), according to some scientists -- say hello to the body adiposity index. Other experts say the BAI has its own flaws. [MSNBC]

More than a third of Americans routinely get less than 7 hours of sleep, which not only affects concentration and general health, according to the CDC, but work performance and the ability to drive safely -- which could put others at risk. [Health Day]

A full bladder may help you make better decisions: In an upcoming study, subjects with high bladder pressure were found to have better impulse control. [MSNBC Body Odd]

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