Health Headlines: Stomach Pacemakers Could Help Obese


Many elderly women who have never worked outside the home battle loneliness as they age. [NYT]

David Seidler, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of "The King's Speech," says he visualized away his bladder cancer. "I know it sounds awfully Southern California and woo-woo, but that's what happened." [CNN]

Is it ethical to allow cancer study patients to remain optimistic about their own trials when they're not designed to treat the cancer? [NYT]

Stomach pacemakers, normally used to treat vomiting and nausea, have helped participants in one study lose over 20 percent of their weight in about a year. [AP via Yahoo]

Some seniors are turning to personal training as a post-retirement career. [NYT]

Obese people who feel stigmatized have a harder time taking control of their health, a study says. [HealthDay News via Yahoo]

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