Health Headlines: Genetic Tests Claim to Determine Kids’ Athleticism


A company is selling gene tests claiming it can determine whether children are predisposed for elite athleticism. "This is recreational genetics with a serious potential for harm," says a medical ethicist. [AP via Yahoo]

Too much intense exercise may reshape the heart, damaging it, according to a study. But for the average runner, the finding is of little consequence: "Too much exercise has not been a big problem in America... [Ex]ercise in general is very good for heart health," says a cardiologist who helped peer-review the study. [NYT]

Women feel guiltier than men when their family life is interrupted at home by work, suggesting that many still hold the view that a woman's primary role is caretaker in the home. [CNN/]

A new study debunks previous theories that a cooler core body temperature makes a person predisposed to obesity. [Reuters]

The UK is banning shops from openly displaying tobacco products as part of an effort to cut down on smoking, called one of the country's biggest health issues. [Reuters via Yahoo]

In your odd news of the day: Scientists say menstrual blood contain stem cells that could eventually be used in treatments for for stroke and diseases. There's a menstrual blood bank that already collects mail-in menstrual blood. [Time]

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