Health Headlines: The Country’s Diabetes Belt


The elderly take longer to make decisions; processing information also gets increasingly difficult. [NYTimes]

Movies, cable television, video games and the Internet appear to drive risky behaviors; video games that glorify risk were more likely to prompt dangerous behavior. [PsychCentral]

The country's "stroke belt" is now also the "diabetes belt," according to government researchers. [Reuters]

Women's exposure to secondhand smoke could put them at higher risk of experiencing stillbirth or having babies with birth defects, a new UK study suggests. [Reuters]

More than half a million US teens have had an eating disorder, but few have sought treatment for them. [AP via MSNBC]

Men with a shorter anogential distance are more likely to have fertility issues. [Reuters via MSNBC]

It's perfectly legal for doctors to prescribe off-label diet pills -- and some dieters are taking the latitude to "combo pill" -- take two diet pills at once. [MSNBC]

Kids say food tastes better when they see a familiar cartoon character on its packaging, according to a study. Authors of the study say the use of cartoon characters on junk food packaging should be limited. [Time Healthland]

Trying to prevent cardiac arrests in young athletes through ECG screenings might not help, according to a study. [Reuters]

If you're not getting enough sleep, try to wean yourself off television and electronic gadgets at least an hour before bed. [Yahoo]

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