Health Headlines: Talk Therapy Being Supplanted by Prescription Meds


Talk therapy is decreasing among psychiatry practices in favor of prescription medication. [NYT]

Research finds placebo pills are effective in some chronic medical conditions -- but leaves questions about how they can be administered. [Boston Globe]

A UK study found lung cancer rates have more than doubled in women over 60 since the 1970s, while lung cancer rates in men fell. [BBC UK]

And toenails, another study suggests, could provide an indication of lung cancer risk. [MSNBC]

Consuming potassium-rich foods -- like bananas and other fruits and vegetables, fish, poultry and dairy -- could help reduce the risk of a stroke by 21 percent and may also lower risk of heart disease, a new study suggests. [Health Day News via Yahoo]

Lefties may in general have "less asymmetric brains," but left-handedness is still a mystery. [NYT Views]

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