Harvard Alumni Now Have An Excuse To Drop The H-Bomb

Barack Obama is the 8th Harvard graduate to win the presidential election. Get ready to hear more Harvard alumni dropping the H bomb...

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When a Harvard graduate mentions where they went to school, it's called dropping the H bomb. Now with Barack Obama getting ready to move into the White House we suspect we'll hear even more Harvard folks talking about their school. Obama finished Harvard in 1991. His father in 1965 earned a master's degree in economics from Harvard.
President George W. Bush earned his M.B.A from Harvard Business School in 1975 after earning a degree in history from Yale in 1968.
John F. Kennedy earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard in 1940. According to the Harvard Gazette his senior thesis “Why England Slept,” later became a bestseller.
Franklin D. Roosevelt finished Harvard in 1903. While at Harvard he was rejected from the Porcellian, one of Harvard's most exclusive social clubs.
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Theodore Roosevelt finished Harvard in 1880. According to the Harvard Gazette, he was "considered odd by his classmates, at least at first." He loved animals and had a "small zoo" in his room which included lobsters, snakes, and a huge tortoise.
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Rutherford B. Hayes finished Harvard Law School is 1845. While at Harvard, he studied under former president John Quincy Adams.
John Quincy Adams finished Harvard in 1787. The Harvard Gazette describes him as a student who was "famously dour."
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John Adams finished Harvard in 1755. His graduating class consisted of just twenty-four people.
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