Hank Shocklee to School You


DJs are made, not born, and Dubspot is here to help.

The Harvard of DJ schools and electronic music production learning centers is sponsoring a session on Monday featuring the legendary Hank Shocklee, whom as a member of The Bomb Squad worked on Public Enemy albums like It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and Fear of a Black Planet and is therefore immortal.

He's also done classic stuff for Run DMC, LL Cool J and Slick Rick. 

Shocklee will be demonstrating the software program Reason 6, which features a variety of new mixing techniques, effects and instruments for the long-running music making program.

Shocklee will be joined by James Bernard of the influential electronic group Propellerheads, who helped create the software. Dubstep producer FaltyDL and vocalist Cody Geil will also help out. Shocklee and company will have a discussion on the program's capabilities and then will build a new track from scratch.

To attend the event, you must RSVP here, and get there early. Or you can watch from the comfort of your home right here

Below, we have a video of a previously taped Shocklee demonstration.

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