Hangover Observations: Boqueria Soho Opens

Last night, Seamus Mullen and Yann de Rochefort celebrated the opening of their new baby, Boqueria Soho (Spring St., former Kin Kao digs) with revelry for friends and industry type folks—and quite a few more Europeans than usually roll into these things, although dude's name is, as it turns out, Yann. The cava flowed, the Carmellini showed. And:

1) Franklin Becker was chatty per the Becker program, by his own admission having rolled in from a tasting for the Le Cirque executive chef job. What he'd put on the menu there if Sirio and Sons hire him: exploding crouton and blue cheese salad.

2) Johnny Two-Zs, present. Nice form on the late entrance, guy. Thanks much for the death stare. Other notables in the Baltzo Co. crowd: Marco Canora, Patrick Connolly, and Anne Burell.

3) Seen at 11 PM, The Dash Feedbag gnawing on a blood sausage that he then put in his pocket.

4) Hat tip time, to Seamus and his kitchen staff for keeping plenty of excellent bites on the bar all night long. No shortage of fried egg and chorizo toast, blistered shishito peppers, and whipped salt cod brandade on toast.

5) And, how you know it's time to leave: the PR people start dancing.For more stories from Eater, go to eater.com.

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