Saturday: Handmade Cavalcade

Indie artisans crowd Berry Park with D.I.Y. designs

Michael Neil O'Donnell/Flickr Creative Commons 2.0

Sink your shopping dollars in the local economy this Saturday when you shop at the Spring Handmade Cavalcade, an annual event held by TheNewNew, a loose coalition of local independent artists and artisans and sponsored by Etsy, Brooklyn General, and a host of other organizations.

So what's for sale? Everything and everything, as long as it's handmade, high-quality, unique and (almost always) eco-friendly: clothing, home décor, jewelry, accessories, paper goods, bath and body products, toys, baked goods, you name it.

You'll recognize more than a few vendors from seeing their merchandise in local shops; here, you're buying straight from the source, so expect savings aplenty. And if you still haven’t picked up a Mother's Day gift, this event is chock-full of goods handmade with love. Some examples from TheNewNew's blog:

  • whimsical, mainly bird-themed art and decor by PurtyBird
  • handcrafted hats by RocksandSalt
  • hand cut sterling silver jewelry by Caja
  • stained glass and NYC-themed photo jewelry, accessories, and mirrors by CityBitz
  • clocks made with upcycled and vintage materials by NewYorkClocks
  • one-of-a-kind toys for infants and children by WindowsOfAgate

Spring Handmade Cavalcade
Saturday April 24, 10AM-5PM
Berry Park, 4 Berry Street at North 14th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
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