Gucci Pop-up on the Cheap: October 23

Putting its own spin on high fashion's antidote to recession-era spending, Gucci will open a series of pop-up shops called Gucci Icon-Temporary, housing 16 mens' and 2 womens' sneaker styles, plus a new bonus Mark Ronson-designed shoe dropping at each of the GI-T locales.

Once again, one of the few things we're loving about the recession is the onslaught of creative responses by our favorite designers. Gucci is the very latest house to devise its own creative strategy, with these mini-stores housing goods ranging between $500-$1,400, and the Ronsons between $500-$800.  The GI-T will be cropping up for two to three weeks each at Art Basil Miami Beach, Crosby Street in SoHo (Oct. 23!), London, Berlin, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo.  Seemingly hand-in-hand with the pop-up craze is graffiti art as the design motif of choice, and it seems Gucci will again follow suit.

We're certainly interested to see how they market $1,400 sneakers! Maybe they should recruit Kanye, too ...

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