It’s National Guacamole Day: Guacamole Tour Kicks off in NYC


The GuacMobile is celebrating National Guacamole Day in New York City Friday, kicking off a tour to promote healthy eating among kids.

The GuacMobile is making stops at New York City schools, including one East Harlem elementary school, to educate children about making healthy choices. Tips include: choose carrots not candy, dip guac not ranch.

Austin Andrews, 21, a recent finalist from NBC's “The Biggest Loser," will travel down the East Coast to Atlanta, Ga. to visit third-, fourth- and fifth-graders.

"Leading a healthy lifestyle is all about making smart choices," said Andrews, who has lost 170 pounds from a high of 435 pounds. "It is not about dieting or not eating a cheeseburger ever again. ... We want to spread the message that all those little everyday choices really add up to something big."

The Check Your Choice tour spotlights the produce section in grocery stores and will teach Americans fun and easy ways to put more produce on their plates.

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