Desperately Seeking New Food Trend

Bacon is over. Cheese is over. Cupcakes? Are you kidding? OVER. Grub Street begs for a new foodie trend to fawn over. Get cracking, New York!

You know when a New York Magazine uses "OMG" in a post unrelated to Gossip Girl, they've reached a breaking point.

So it is with Grub Street, where a post called "OMG ENOUGH WITH THE BACON ALREADY" begs for a new foodstuff we can all hang our desperate little foodie dreams on for the foreseeable future. GS (smugly? never!) points out that they totally called the jumping of the bacon shark a year and a half ago, so WHY are people still talking about it? Can't you think of something better to discuss? New York City doesn't just happen, people -- it needs a constant influx of novelty to keep us on our toes. Their suggested replacements include pork brains (which could prove a hard sell, and not just for vegetarians) and tofu (which is not food, but a meal replacement, much like a Slim Fast shake or a protein bar).

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