Got Milk? Keep It

Courtesy Stogo

The lactose intolerant and vegan can now enjoy ice cream along with the rest of us — and good ice cream. Really good. While specialty ice cream shops may seem like kind of a bull market thing, Stogo Gourmet Ice Cream is not just another winsomely named frozen-yogurt bar. The dairy-free (not thanks to magic, but soy) ice cream shop, which recently opened in the East Village is no joke, or at least not to its owner, Malcolm Stogo who has devoted his life to the business of frozen confection.

He has written four books on the subject (including, whoa, “Ice Cream Cakes”) and presides over an international ice cream consulting firm. He is also rumored to have invented the chocolate dipped waffle cone. He is clearly a genius. While some suckers are still convinced that green tea soft serve and Captain Crunch is worth waiting on line for, East Side vegans and those intolerant of lactose will not be missing out with flavors like banana foster (made with real rum!) and Pomegranate Chip (made with real pomegranates!) and specialty treats from Babycakes.

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