Gordon Ramsay Gets Big Bucks to Send Sissies to ‘Man Camp'

Not only did Fox just renew Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares for two more seasons, but it has green-lighted another Gordon Ramsay series, based on his U.K. show Man Camp. Variety describes it as “a kind of boot camp for men whose ‘ladies are slightly concerned about how feminine they’re becoming.’” So how does Gordo turn these boys into men? Among other things, he teaches them how to cook. YEAH! So, wait — Gordo is showing them how to "grow a pair" of heirloom tomatoes? Fox has also signed Ramsay up for a live cooking special that, according to Gordo, “will not be for the blue-rinse brigade, or the Martha Stewart crowd. This is cooking for the young, the vibrant and the tenacious.” And you can re-watch the man’s Leno appearance to see what that looks like.

Gordon Ramsay cooks with Fox [Variety]

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