Google Unveiling Cloud-Based Music Service

Getty Images

It's been confirmed that lord-of-the-cloud Google is unveiling a new digital music service at at its annual I/O conference in San Francisco today.

Dubbed Music Beta by Google, the new online application will allow those with Google accounts (read: everyone) to upload tunes to the Google servers and then stream them to mobile devices and computers across the Internets.

Not ones to be fettered by copyright matters, Google has yet to gain licenses from the Big Four record labels. Meaning? Users can't download music, but unless you're one of those digital hoarders I keep hearing about, this shouldn't matter.

What this really means for audiophiles (hopefully the streaming bit rate is good) is a way to share entire libraries of music across the web.

No more "what do you mean you've never heard Sports?" You'll hear The News from your friends with no more phoning night and morning.

Those of us who used Napster won't take this for granted. Oh, what it used to take to share digital music with friends...

Some kids won't remember -- likely this same group -- but progress bars used to crawl for days downloading an album. And even longer to figure out how to spread it across 15 floppy disks.

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