God No: Cops Also Poop Slope Obama Festivities: The big Obama gathering in Park…

The big Obama gathering in Park Slope was apparently going well, at least until the NYPD showed up to uh, 'hep' some poop on it. "In the apparently never-ending quest to keep the city safe for vehicular throughput, the cops seemed intent on turning a peaceful, Park Slopey neighborhood celebration into a mini-riot (likewise, over in Williamsburg). If the goal was to keep the streets clear for traffic, the genius office...didn't help matters when he stopped a limo driver in the middle of the street and wrote him a summons. Another officer cranked up his most obnoxious siren and slowly drove his cruiser into the throng in an apparent attempt to push people back on to the sidewalk. This had the effect of dispersing people into the middle of the intersection and putting an angry edge on the crowd." [Streetsblog]For more stories from Curbed, go to curbed.com.

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