Favorite Healthy Summer Travel Snacks

It's the season for vacations -- if you're planning to hit the road (or take to the skies) for a getaway, be prepared with these delicious, nutritious snacks that will keep you satisfied. With contributions from Melissa Davison, Sarah Levy, Dori Manela.

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Primal Spirit Foods
PRIMAL STRIPS. "These are my vegetarian substitute for the road trip favorite, beef jerky. Much like the real thing, Primal Strips pack lots of flavor and protein -- just without the meat and mile-long ingredient list." - Sarah Levy
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HOMEMADE TRAIL MIX. "It's my stomach's saving grace when I forget to plan ahead for road trip snacking. I just track down the nearest Whole Foods -- or any market with a good bulk bins section -- and throw together a mix of nuts (for satiety) with a bit of dried fruit (for a little sweet!)" - Sarah Levy
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LARABARS. "These bars are small -- they can fit in any purse -- but extremely filling. With healthy ingredients like nuts and dried fruit, it is like eating a candy bar that is actually good for you." - Dori Manela
APPLES. "My go-to fruit because they're sturdy and relatively mess-free (Ever try eating an orange or peach in public? Not pretty), and filling, too." - Sarah Levy.
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KASHI GO LEAN CRUNCHY BARS. "The Chocolate Caramel is my favorite; these are sweet and crunch, and each bar provides 8 grams of protein, making them surprisingly hearty for a 150-calorie snack." - Melissa Davison
GLENNY'S SOY CRISPS. "The caramel flavor provides a nice balance of sweet and salty, and offers a healthy alternative to greasy chips." - Melissa Davison
NUTS. "Full of healthy fats that keep you full for a long time, nuts are perfect for travel and so easy to transport. I pack small Ziplocks with cashews so I can have a pre-portioned snack to hold me over until the next meal." - Dori Manela
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CEREAL. "Individual bags of cereal are a great way to satisfy my need to munch while I am traveling; I just make sure to pack only one per serving per bag to make sure portions stay in control." - Melissa Davison
PRESSED BOTTLED JUICE. "The healthiest road trip snack out there! Easy to transport, full of nutrients, delicious and won't irritate your stomach on a long trip." - Dori Manela
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