Report: Gisele Ups Brangelina By Giving $1.5 Million to the Red Cross

On the heels of Angelina and Brad's incredibly generous donation of a cool million to Doctors Without Borders, supermodel Gisele Bundchen made a record-breaking donation of her own, according to the Boston Globe.

A source close to the bigger-than-super supermodel told the Globe that Gisele was moved to make the astronomical donation of $1.5 million to the Red Cross after seeing the vast scope of the devastation currently unfolding in Haiti.  Lots of celebrities have donated money and time to the cause -- George Clooney, for example, is planning to host a telethon -- but thus far it seems Ms. Bundchen's reported donation is at the top (granted, she made a reported $35 million last year). Needless to say, it's not a competition, but we say the more money that these humanitarian outlets get, the better.

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