Ginny Branch Update: The Media-Friendly Marc Jacobs Shopgirl Has Opinions About Headbands

Back in June, we told you that unstoppable media machine and Marc Jacobs clerk Ginny Branch was launching a line of headbands called A Year and a Day. Today, the Observer brings us a vital update: Branch likes fancy headgear because she doesn't style her hair.

"I think our moms used to put bows in our hair and we just haven't been able to shake it since," said Ms. Branch, whose silver hair, fanciful headdresses and Southern accent have made her recognizable downtown. "I think I wear it partly as a distraction—I don't blow-dry my hair, so a headband makes me feel a little sweeter, like I actually did something to look nice."

No word on when the line will launch, but given her record of popping up in Domino's blog, Lucky, the New York Post, and now the Observer, we have a feeling we'll hear about it as soon as her headbands hit the stores.
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