Gilting the Lily: New E-Commerce Site CEO Isn't Panicking About the Economy

We keep reading that e-commerce is the wave of the future, or at least less doomed than every other form of commerce. But we didn't really believe it until we read this little doozy from MediaBistro blog UnBeige: "Earlier this week, amidst financial market floundering of historical proportions, Gilt swiftly sold out of last season's Chloé." Amazing.

The occasion for this aside was a MediaBistro interview with new Gilt CEO Susan Lyne, formerly of Martha Stewart. She doesn't say anything earth-shattering, or anything that doesn't sound like it wasn't rehearsed in front of a mirror ("I'm very committed to protecting and building our core business. But I also believe there are multiple opportunities to grow this business.") Then again, she also doesn't sound fazed by the coming economicpalypse, so that's something.
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