Gig Economy Turns Tricks

The so-called gig-economy, Tina Brown's euphemism for unemployment, is getting downright kinky. One of Brown's writers at the Daily Beast, former call-girl Tracy Quan (now pulling her own gig), opines that the said freelancer ecosystem now involves "whips, ropes, and occasionally, nipple clamps."

What's bad for the economy is good for Craigslist, apparently. Formerly upright (seriously, no pun intended) professionals are turning to a little light fetish work to pad out their monthly incomes. It makes life in New York affordable, according to Quan, who'll talk post-credit-crash-sex-worker economics at the KGB Bar this Friday. Using terms like "commercial dungeon" where "glorified pimp" might have worked just as well, she makes it all sound a little too much like that Woody Allen short story, "The Whore of Mensa," (where the narrator pays attractive liberal arts students to read to him), though.

Dominatrixes and girls who will let sweaty men watch them model pumps can really rake it in in NYC, says Quan. Though their $80- to $100-an-hour take would make Ashley Dupree scoff, at least kink-freelancers (or kinklasters) don't usually have to worry about their MySpace profiles ending up on the cover of the Post. Yes, it's that bad out there.

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