Get Ready for Kids' Restaurant Week

From June 20 through 28, kids will get to pay their age at restaurants like DBGB and Artisanal.

Usually, when you put "kids" and "restaurant" in the same sentence, it conjures images of the IHOP or the 5pm crawl-over-the-chairs crowd at your neighborhood Szechuan Palace. But from June 20 through 28, kiddie foodies will get their very own New York Restaurant Week, sponsored by Cookie and Gourmet magazines.

How it works: At participating eateries, the prix fixe will cost $29 for grown-ups and for their young, the dollar amount equivalent to their age (a pretty fantastic way to expose Junior to palate-expanding delicacies). About 30 restaurants are getting in on the baby gourmet action, and they're not exactly Chat 'n Chew, either -- the list includes Blue Fin, DBGB, Artisanal, Telepan, Otto… for parents, places where they usually can't dine en famille (and for the childless-by-choice, places you usually go to avoid nibbling arugula next to a 3-year-old enjoying "Shrek" on Mommy's iPhone).

For families looking to reserve, head to the event's site at for more information. For everybody else, go to for a list of restaurants to avoid between 5 and 7PM from June 20 through 28.

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