Gentrification Watch: The Slaughterhouse Condos

Feud brews between an 86-year-old poultry processing plant and dwellers of the swank condos next door. Welcome to Greenpoint!

The "creative individualists" that Greenpoint's Canvas Lofts claim to cater to are not so individualistic that they can overlook the chicken-chopping plant next door.

The slaughterhouse has been in the spot for nearly 90 years, but the Canvas condo buyers want them out, according to this Times piece. When you're slapping down $735 a square foot and your only nearby subway option is the G train, you're likely already fairly peeved, so the sound of live chickens arriving at 5AM for their inescapable fate probably doesn't help matters. Nor does the alleged "death and ammonia" smell. But we do have to wonder if the buyers signed the contract without visiting the building, because the (roughly) 6 by 3 foot sign that reads LIVE POULTRY SLAUGHTER might have provided some keen insight into their potential future.

Take heart, Canvas Condo owners. Back in the day, "blood and bird parts" on the sidewalk drove many a downtowner out of the Meatpacking District, and they're sure kicking themselves now.

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