Actors Hopeful About Gay Marriage in NY

Actor Alan Cumming said he is hopeful gay marriage will be passed in New York this year, and says it seems as though the issue has regained momentum.

"I think since the midterm elections it's been better for us," Cumming told Niteside. "Andrew Cuomo [seems to be] a big supporter." He added, "It feels like we've got some renewed vigor. Hopefully that will translate into law."

Cumming attended Monday night's The Center Dinner, a fundraiser for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center.

Actor David Hyde Pierce was also there. He was similarly hopeful about the climate for passing gay marriage.

"I'm always hopeful. I hope it'll be this year," the Emmy award-winning actor said. "I know it'll be soon. I think it's inevitable."

Guests at the event bid on, among other things, the opportunity be an extra on the TV show "How I Met Your Mother," starring Neil Patrick Harris, who was also in attendance.

U.S. Representative Barney Frank and the iconic Angela Lansbury presented the honoree award to lawyer, activist and Broadway producer Tom Kirdahy.

And what does Kirdahy think about gay marriage rights in the Empire State?

"Gov. Cuomo has made it clear it’s a priority for him. President Obama has refrained from defending [the Defense of Marriage Act], a statute I think is indefensible. The walls of bigotry are tumbling down very quickly. It’s truly our time."

He continued, "Two little words: 'I do.' And they mean everything."

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